2022 Music Literacy Program (MLP)

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Gonzaga University "Music Hall"

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  • Directions & Parking
  • Instructions
  • Schedule
  • Attire


Visit this page on the Gonzaga University website for directions to campus.

The 2022 MLP event will be held in "Music Hall" at the end of Lidgerwood St where it intersects with Boone Ave (not the "Music Annex.")

Gonzaga University Parking said they do not enforce parking on the weekends. However, they recommend avoiding "Yellow" campus lots at all times.


The below map lists several options for parking: (red = parking; Music Hall circled in yellow)

- Street parking on Sharp Ave

- Street parking on Lidgerwood St

- Lot parking by the Woldson Performing Arts Center ("WPAC")

- Lot parking by the Bing Crosby House ("BCH")

- Free garage parking at the Boone Avenue Retail Center ("BARC")

Red areas show suggested parking; Yellow = Music Hall


Be sure to bring the "MLP Student Form" which we filled out in your most recent lesson. Keep it with you, as you will need to present it throughout the day.

Check in with the Registration Desk when you arrive. They will confirm your various assessment levels & guide you to the correct time/location for each evaluation.

Some students may need to visit up to 3 locations throughout the day.


Each student is scheduled for up to 3 events throughout the day:

  • Technique: this is the "main event" of the day. You are given a scheduled one-on-one appointment time with an adjudicator, who will assess you in various categories. Don't miss it!
  • Written Theory: This is a proctored written quiz. Drop-in to Room 101 anytime from 9am-12pm or 1-3pm. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete the quiz.
  • Ear Training: This is a proctored listening quiz with written responses. You will be given a scheduled appointment time (for some, this will be included in the Technique appointment.) Don't miss it!


Traditionally, one should wear dark bottoms (pants or skirt) and a nice top.

  • Pants should be full length and either dark navy, dark brown, dark grey, or black.  
  • A nice top can be a polo, button up shirt, sweater, or nice blouse (not a t-shirt.)  
    • Ties can be worn but not required.
    • Add a splash of color with your top! (Mr. Hill prefers cool colors—what do you prefer?)
  • Dresses should be on the more semi-formal side.
  • Dress shoes are most appropriate, but at the very least shoes should be clean and without holes. 
If you aren't sure if your outfit is appropriate, please get in touch. You can even include a picture. Above all, you should feel comfortable and confident!