Peak Piano Studios

Dress: What to Wear?

Traditionally, performers should wear dark bottoms (pants or skirt) and a nice top.

  • Pants should be full length and either dark navy, dark brown, dark grey, or black.  
  • A nice top can be a polo, button up shirt, or nice blouse (not a t-shirt.)  
    • Ties can be worn but not required.
    • Add a splash of color with your top! (Mr. Hill prefers cool colors, Ms. Yarrow prefers warm colors—what do you prefer?)
  • Dresses should be on the more semi-formal side.
  • Dress shoes are most appropriate, but at the very least shoes should be clean and without holes. 
There are examples below of some ideas.  If you aren't sure if your outfit is appropriate, feel free to text. You can even include a picture. (If you don't have dress up clothes or shoes, and are unable to acquire them, this should never stop you from performing—we can help work something out with the clothes you do have.  Above all, you should feel comfortable and confident!)

~ Ms. Yarrow