Peak Piano Studios

April 2020: All recitals are currently on hold due to the covid-19 pandemic. We are working to find an online solution!

Peak Piano Studios hosts five student recitals per year at Steinway Gallery of Spokane (13418 E Nora Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216). This beautiful recital space is home to two 9-foot Steinway D grand pianos and features state-of-the art acoustic technology.

Recitals are required for all weekly students, and the cost is included in your lesson tuition. Each student will be asked to perform one or two pieces they have worked on, demonstrating proper recital etiquette as well as a polished performance. This is an opportunity to build personal confidence, experience a semiprofessional environment, and establish camaraderie with other students. Other adjudications and festivals are available in the region, depending on each student's level of skill.

Specific recital dates vary year by year.

- October: Halloween recital. Students showcase their spookiest tunes and try out the works they will be performing in competition in the Spring.

- December: Holiday rectial. Carols, songs, and other festive tunes. Each student presents one memorized work.

- February: Preparation for Washington State Music Artistry Program in March. Each student presents two memorized works in addition to their own compositions.

- April/May: Post-competition fun! Themed recital with student compositions and group pieces.

- June: June Jamcital! Students perform pop, rock, or jazzy tunes with a live rhythm section backing them!