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Why Peak Piano Studios?

I have been to each of the last 5 concerts and I am truly impressed with the students’ performances as well as their growth. I appreciated the different themes each time, and that this time they got to perform alongside other musicians. What an awesome experience for them and how joyful for all of us!

- Susan

I've learned so much more about music than I ever thought I would when I first started. You have helped me embrace something I will love for all my life. Thank you.

- Xander

Thank you for your fun attitude with the boys...I love that you bring in the band, have the recitals in such a nice space, you play [music] with the kids, you perform a song yourself, and you let them try out different kinds of music.

- Amanda

Last night [Holiday Recital] was a HIT!  We heard good stuff from Aunt M...Her 2 yr old son LOVED watching the performances.  Thank you so much!

- Courtney

I feel like I have significantly improved in my piano career since you became my teacher!

- Austin 

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