Peak Piano Studios 2024-Spring Semester

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Peak Piano Studios provides a rigorous musical foundation so students can succeed in a variety of musical styles and settings. Our hybrid program combines personalized individual lessons with studio recitals and group performance workshops.



Students in our program develop piano proficiency (technique, sight-reading, performance, and practice skills) concurrently with core musicianship skills (note reading, music theory, ear training, analysis, composition, improvisation, and music history). Our child-centered methodology develops students’ capacity to think critically and productively about their own musicianship.



Peak Piano Studios runs on a semester system: Fall Semester (September through January), Spring Semester (February through June), and Summer Session (July & August). In a typical four-week month, students will attend three weekly lessons as well as one recital or event.


2024-Spring Semester runs from February 6 to June 15, 2024.



Tuition for Peak Piano Studios’ 2024-Spring Semester is $1300. A Pre-Registration Deposit of $300 applies towards tuition.


Tuition is typically billed as five (5) equal installments due Feb.7, March 1, April 1, May 1, and June 1. Autopay is available through Stripe – let us know and we will set it up for you. Other payment plans may be available.


Your tuition includes:

- 13-15 individual 45-minute lessons

- Lesson Notes sent home each week

- Personal customer service calls (10 min. per month), plus lesson time may be used for conferencing

- Preparation, coaching, & entry for Recital at Steinway Gallery of Spokane (February 15)

- Preparation, coaching, & entry for Recital at Steinway Gallery of Spokane (March 21)

- Preparation, coaching, & entry for Silver Screen Recital at Steinway Gallery of Spokane (May 24)

- Rehearsal with Peak Piano Studios Jazz Band (June 10-12, TBA)

- Preparation, coaching, & entry for Jazz Recital at Steinway Gallery of Spokane (June 13)

- Parent/Teacher Conference Week & Peak Piano Studios Curriculum progress reports (June 14-15)

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