Welcome to Peak Piano Studios!

Schedule your Consultation/Assessment

Important Info:

- Consultation/Assessment costs $100 and is non-refundable. The $100 C/A fee is applied towards your first semester of tuition, provided that you register within 12 months of the C/A date.

- C/A appointments last up to 60 minutes.

- For minor students (<18 years old), parents are required to attend the entire C/A session.

- To best use our time together, please familiarize yourself with our policies (www.peakpiano.net) before coming to your C/A appointment.

Preparing for your Consultation/Assessment:

- If the student is a transfer (has already studied piano), please be ready to perform several short pieces.

- Relax! It's not a test. This is just a way to understand the student's current skill level and how we might best work together.

During the appointment Peak Piano Studios will:

- Take a musical history of the prospective student.

- Collect contact information from parents/guardians.

- Answer any logistical questions (scheduling, payment, curriculum, practice routine, etc.)

- Assess the student using the Peak Pianos Curriculum Guide.

After the appointment you will receive:

- A copy of the prospective student's Intake Assessment & all notes collected during the appointment

- A copy of the Peak Piano Studios Curriculum Guide

- A followup email with information on how to register

- Responses to any additional questions you might have